Living the middle class life in India-Finding a house for rent

I recently watched the movie “To Let” in Tamil – and there wasn’t a single moment where I didn’t say ‘ we used to do that !’ ‘ exactly that is how we felt!’

If you have never been house hunting on budget , you don’t know what I am talking about.So let me tell you,When you are living in a rented house in India, The landlord is your God.Period.

There are clauses and terms,and painful conditions !

If you are someone who cooks and eats meat, you aren’t going to get the house if the landlord Doesn’t eat meat.

If your landlord lives in the same building,be careful when you have guests over, because trust me, they keep a count, even if you pay the bills for extra water consumption , they do not like it if you have people over for long.

You aren’t allowed to come home later after ten, if you do, be ready to hop the fence as the gates lock shut after 10pm.

Always be ready for an unexpected visit from your landlord,who Doesn’t agree but for sure has come to check if all the walls inside are still standing ?!

If you have souvenirs , and photographs, please keep them inside the cupboard, you aren’t supposed to drill a hole,use a tape or even touch the walls you see.

Close the lift doors softly,be ready to park on street,clean the windowsill.

Do not expect to get your complete advance back,the house is never clean enough , the landlord always finds something to deduct money for.

Sometimes they don’t like your plants,sometimes they don’t like your job,some even tell you how to clean!

If you know what I mean, you have definitely faced the struggle, if you haven’t , maybe watch the movie once 🙂

So did I miss something ?



  1. My cousin gives his flat on rent…andchis contract is the longest I’ve ever seen. He’s thought of everything…
    I suppose even marriage documentation isnt so detailed as his contract is…but the landlords all love their places don’t they…and the place will never be the same as they have given it to u in…
    Beautiful post!


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